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2013 Video Archive

Tuesday, May 21


Keynote Address
Kelly M. Williams, Global Head, Customized Fund Investment Group, Credit Suisse

Kelly Williams presented her views on how the Michigan venture capital industry has developed, key drivers and what has and hasn't worked. She also talked about how Michigan compares against a national backdrop for venture capital, what some other venture hotspots are doing and some of the themes we are seeing in the private equity and venture capital industry.


Navigating the Challenging and Changing Venture Capital Market: What Venture Capital Firms Should Consider when Deciding on Their Fund Investment Strategy
In today’s changing investment landscape, venture capital firms find themselves with new market opportunities and challenges; and the need to evolve their fund investment strategies. FDA is very tough – But, Boomers are aging. With SaaS and Cloud, IT companies are now ultra-capital efficient. Should investors target technology, healthcare, or both? Gain insight from a diverse group of venture capital investors and limited partners on how they are each adapting their fund investment strategies. Sponsored by Venture Investors LLC

Jim Adox, Managing Director, Venture Investors LLC (moderator)
Ned Hill, Managing Director, Mercury Fund
Jon Lauckner, Chief Technology Officer, VP-Global R&D and President, GM Ventures, General Motors Company
Rob Manilla, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Kresge Foundation
Marty Sutter, Managing Director, Co-Founder, Essex Woodlands


Investing in Healthcare IT: A Look at What's Hot and What’s Not and Where Things are Headed
The investment landscape is changing for seed/early stage financing and new startups in Healthcare IT. As new opportunities are created for market growth by aging populations that need more healthcare, emerging markets that adopt modern medical practices, and growing global utilization, this panel will present an overview on the current trends driving healthcare IT investments and the impact on market sectors within this space. Sponsored by Baird Capital

Thomas Bremner, Principal, Adams Street Partners, LLC
Eric Jensen, Chief Operating Officer, Avia
James Pavlik, Partner, Baird Capital (moderator)
Dan Phillips
, Vice President, Sandbox Industries
Rik Vandevenne, Director, River Cities Capital Fund

Wednesday, May 22


Plenary Panel: Transforming Michigan's Entrepreneurial Landscape
Hear from a panel of industry experts share their insight on global best practices in business incubation and capitalization and the role for venture capital firms as investors in early stage companies. Gain a broader perspective on how Michigan stacks up to other entrepreneurial hubs around the U.S., the development and growth of its accelerator/incubator programs, and state incentives to fill funding gaps. Sponsored by Varnum LLP

RobertBuderi, Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief, Xconomy
H. Louis Cooperhouse, President and CEO, Food Spectrum LLC
Peter G. Roth, Partner, Varnum LLP (moderator/panelist)
Charles Rothstein, Senior Managing Director; Co-Founder, Beringea LLC


The Affordable Care Act: How it will Impact Healthcare, Medical Technology, and Venture Investments in the Future
With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, medical entrepreneurs and investors are facing new challenges amid the health-care reform. Join nationally-recognized healthcare and venture capital experts as they discuss more about this market and health-care reform implications. Sponsored by Arboretum Ventures

Jan Garfinkle, Founder and Managing Director, Arboretum Ventures (moderator/panelist)
David Jones, Jr., Chairman, Chrysalis Ventures
John Popovich, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford hospital; Chief Medical Officer, Henry Ford Health System
Marianne Udow-Phillips, Director, Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation, University of Michigan


Financing Emerging Growth Opportunities in Education
From initial funding to venture capital and private equity rounds, the financing of emerging growth companies in education is growing. This panel will offer informative views on the current state of play and offer insights into a recent local deal in the education space. Sponsored by Pepper Hamilton LLP and Plymouth Management Company

Mark Carroll, Managing Partner, Superior Capital Partners LLC
Alar Elken, Chief Executive Officer, XanEdu Publishing
Mark Horne, Chief Executive Officer, Plymouth Management Company
Michael Staebler, Pepper Hamilton LLP (moderator)

MGCS 2017 May 16&17


Marriott Resort Ypsilanti, MI


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