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MGCS 2014 June 17&18


Marriott Resort at EagleCrest Ypsilanti, MI

Meet the Best of the Midwest

The Michigan Growth Capital Symposium is the premier venture event that expects to showcase 32 of the 'Best of the Midwest' high-growth companies in new businesses and emerging technologies. MGCS is also hosting a new 'University Pitch Track' that will feature emerging startups out of the University of Minnesota, University of Michgian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Michigan State University. As one of the longest running programs of its kind, the June 2014 symposium is expected to bring together over 450 people representing top investment firms from across the U.S. and early stage and emerging growth companies, as well as related stakeholders. MiQuest's 14th annual Great Lakes Entrepreneur's Quest business competition awards reception precedes the MGCS opening on June 17 at the Marriott.


"The Symposium is now a premier event in the state and one of the best of its kind nationally.”

Michael Flanagan, MEDC

“Indirectly, most of the money we’ve raised came through contacts we made at the 2012 and 2013 MGCS.”

Geoff Horst, Algal Scientific


Kevin Conroy, Exact Sciences; Edward Torres, Lilly Ventures; Jim Adox, Venture Investors; James Burgum, Arthur Ventures; Larry Freed, 2nd Stage Partners; Blair Garrou, Mercury Fund; Mark Hasebroock, Dundee Ventures; Mark Horne, Plymouth Ventures; Ted Omlid, Evercore Partners; James Pavlik, Baird Capital; Tim Petersen, Arboretum Ventures; Kevin Willer, Chicago Ventures and more...

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MGCS 2014 June 17&18


Marriott Resort at EagleCrest Ypsilanti, MI


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